In August 2017, SAVI Controls forged a Dealer partnership with The SOHO Shop, located in St. Charles, MO. The SOHO Shop was founded in 2008 by Bryan Jefferson, with one very simple goal, to make his friends envious of the technology integrated into his home. The remaining goals of the company and the culture he hoped to eventually create were scrawled on the back of a McDonald’s bag while sitting around his kitchen table. Humble beginnings, right? Nine years and countless installs later, The SOHO Shop has catapulted their business onto the forefront of the commercial AV world by landing the Gamlin Restaurant Group’s business. Bryan and his team have completed some very impressive installs at all three of the locations owned by GRG. The first being 1764 Public House in St. Louis, MO. Opened in 2017 and boasting 25 SAVI-controlled displays, 1764 is a unique concept in that it was borne of the idea to honor the history and resurgence of St. Louis and its Central West End neighborhood. In the kitchen, you will find a unique mix of St. Louis and New Orleans Favorites, and the bar offers an eclectic mix of craft beer and cocktails that keep their regulars coming back for more. SOHO’s second SAVI install was Sub Zero Vodka Bar (pictured above), which has the largest selection of vodka in the country, with over 500 varieties to choose from. Sub Zero celebrated its 13th anniversary in September of 2017 by overhauling its AV integration and incorporating 15 new displays, all powered by SAVI. SOHO’s most recent install for GRG was Gamlin Whiskey House, which celebrates the art and tradition of fine whiskey and whiskey making, and offers classic steakhouse fare with a Southern twist. Opened in 2014, Gamlin Whiskey House recently upgraded their intimate space to incorporate the SAVI platform to simplify its AV presentation.

We look forward to the continued growth and success of both GRG and The SOHO Shop, who still have that very McDonald’s bag hanging in their office today. AV Integration powered by SAVI!