SAVI Controls is thrilled to announce we have been named LG’s webOS Official Partner of 2017! Our fearless leader, John Dorsey, and our Development Lead, Paul Ward, were extended a very exclusive invite to visit LG’s R&D labs in Gumi, South Korea, and their manufacturing facilities located just to the north in the capital city of Seoul. Along with some of our domestic LG representatives, the first stop on their tour was the Paju manufacturing complex, made up of 9 colossal buildings with a geographical footprint of over 400 acres. This facility employs around 17,000 of the populace. Many employees live on-site at what is the largest OLED manufacturing plant in the world. Later, the crew made their way to the Seocho Research & Development facility. There they were required to temporarily surrender any cell phones, tablets, laptops, and cameras. They were also required to sign NDAs, all in an effort to maintain the integrity of their highly classified operations. All things AV aside, it was our sincere pleasure for SAVI Controls to be included by this brilliant and incredibly hospitable group of LG Execs, to experience their cultural nuances, and ultimately be named Official Partner. We thank our friends at LG webOS, DIEM Digital and Topgolf for the roles they’ve played on this journey. We look forward to growing each partnership for many years to come. Gomapseumnida! Check out this video from Digital Trends to follow in John and Paul’s footsteps throughout South Korea: