No Anchovies system revolutionized by SAVI Controls



Established in Tucson, Arizona, in 1997, No Anchovies quickly became the University of Arizona’s sports bar headquarters. Functioning as a night club and a restaurant, No Anchovies is notorious for bringing in hordes of Arizona students looking for delicious pizza and an unforgettable night of clubbing.


The Challenge

On May 31, 2016, No Anchovies closed for 6 months to begin a complete renovation of its interior in hopes of surpassing any competition. They wanted to expand their upstairs office space into a space usable for its patrons. Additionally, the venue required a college AV system powerful enough to crontrol and maintain their fast-paced environment and keep their customers coming back for the delicious food and top-notch DJ’s.


The Solution

No Anchovies enlisted SAVI Dealer, Arizona Communications Experts, to overhaul their AV ecosystem. Close to 20 years ago, ACE started out as a small copper and optical fiber cabling company that has grown to now include all communications systems including full network integration, special systems, audiovisual and electrical contracting. ACE’s expertise led them to choose SAVI 3’s AV control, management and automation solution for the sports bar upgrade.


The Technology

The state-of-the-art install included 10 locations such as lounges, patios, bars, and clubbing areas. There were 60 displays installed including 10 digital signage displays. A total of 14 audio zones were equipped with Martin Audio components.

The functionality of No Anchovies’ 10,000 square foot venue wouldn’t be possible without the SAVI Server Pro that delivered unmatched control. The SAVI system is known for harmonious interoperability with all brands of products, giving the Server Pro the ability to execute total control for each display, audio zone, and light fixture.

The unparalleled simplicity of the SAVI User Interface were perfect for the college AV system in No Anchovies. Employees (as well as the DJ’s) could control the audio of the venue with a simple tap of their finger. Deploying dynamic lighting for the club atmosphere had never been easier, and it could all be done from any web enabled device such as a phone, a tablet or a computer.


The Results

The versatility of the SAVI control and automation system will sustain the originality of No Anchovies to offer cutting-edge entertainment to customers in search of nightlife or to college students in need of a break from school.