Tech Trends You’ll See in 2022

As 2021 comes to a close, we can all look back and recognize that while we didn’t see a complete return to normalcy, we did see the commercial AV industry rebound and evolve to meet the new needs of the world From at home conference calls to completely virtual tradeshows, AV pros adapted and forged some incredible tech advancements for the audio-visual industry in 2021.

So, what’s in store for next year? Check out our list of 2022 Tech Trends on the rise.

Hybrid events

Events and trade shows may never return to 100% in-person attendance. Instead, future events will adopt a trendy hybrid model with options to physically attend, join remotely, or even a combination of the two. Virtual options allow for at-home and international registrants meaning those who embrace the hybrid model will likely see exponential growth compared to those who do not. However, many are still eager to make those in person connections, so it’s vital for companies to offer both. Our virtual SAVI 3 Tech Training has been a HUGE success, but we will likely expand our class schedule to include in-person trainings along with remote training (yes, we promise you’ll still receive snacks if you attend in person😊)


Touchless Tech 

If you weren’t as cognizant of germs before, the pandemic has made us all hyperaware of just how many germs exist on virtually every object and surface. Touchless tech combats the fear of contracting an illness with contactless microphones, cordless presenting, and AV control from a handheld device monitored by one person. With models like AV over IP, systems can be accessed from everyone’s device without the need to share remotes or tablets.

Powerful Commercial AV

The SAVI 3 system can be controlled from any web enabled device. 

The Metaverse

What the heck even is the Metaverse and what does it mean for commercial AV? There’s extensive debate over whether this new form of communication is going to be healthy for society. Focusing on the pros, the Metaverse could revolutionize the ways we collaborate in the workplace. We’ve all grown accustomed to hybrid work environments, but sometimes this makes collaboration difficult. This new platform of augmented reality might be the digital fatigue remedy we’ve been searching for. With the range of AI tools and intuitive design, it could also be a tool for retention and engagement in meeting rooms instead of the mundane platforms such as Zoom, Skype, or Microsoft Teams.

Cloud-based systems

The combination of AV and cloud-based systems will allow for seamless communication and presentation in real-time, from anywhere. Gone are the days of monotonous searching for data or information about your system. Everything you need can now stored on a “cloud” for easy access, and you’ll never misplace any vital components to your system.

Spatial audio

Our Training Manager and audio guru could tell you all about the importance of audio in video conferencing. Spatial audio is changing the way people consume sound. This type of audio fully immerses you into your conference by allowing you to hear voices from every direction of your headset, a much more engaging tactic than simply seeing a yellow box highlight whoever is speaking.




LG CLOi Servebot.

Artificial Intelligence/Robots

Suddenly, the thought of service robots à la WALL-E doesn’t seem so far fetched! The popularity of robots is growing all around the world as these AI systems are advancing to a cognitive scale we’ve only seen in movies. Soon, they’ll be adopted in businesses, bars, restaurants, hotels, you name it. Our partnership with LG allowed us to witness the power of their new self-driving service robot, the LG CLOi Servebot (she  sure was a hit at InfoComm 2021 and will certainly be coming to a theater, bar, or hotel near you).

Here at SAVI HQ, we focus on bringing the most cutting-edge technology to commercial AV and that means staying up to date on 2022 tech trends and beyond.  In the SAVI 3 system, you’ll find a system that provides our integrators with the most powerful and simplified AV solution on the market. Find out more about this system by signing up for our 2-day Virtual Tech Training class. This is how you’re going to accelerate your business SAVI.

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