New dealer tool features zero-coding and drag-and-drop widget grid system making it easy to design unique and elegant end-user control experiences, the perfect complement to SAVI’s all-new TOUCHPAD.One

SAVI , designer and manufacturer of commercial AV control, automation, and management solutions, today introduces an innovative dealer tool, SAVI Glass, and a new, sleek, capacitive touchscreen, SAVI TOUCHPAD.One, offering end-users another way to interact with their SAVI system. SAVI Glass enables dealers to create engaging, customized UIs for SAVI’s TOUCHPAD.One and tablets. The design tool offers a new level of simplified customization, making it easy for dealers to create different UIs for a single device, unique room views, or different locations throughout a facility. Unlike anything on the market, SAVI Glass requires zero coding and offers a drag-and drop widget grid system to design sophisticated and visually stunning-in-room control for an elevated end-user experience. 

SAVI’s development team went all out to deliver a new tool that simplifies programming and establishes industry-leading UI design standards across all projects.

SAVI Glass Programming:  No-Code Customization

  • Code-free UI Configuration: SAVI Glass introduces a flexible configuration grid system that eliminates the need for manual coding by front-end developers. This no-code, drag-and-drop approach allows integrators to create a fully customizable and technically complex control experience in minutes.
  • Dynamic Widgets: From lighting scenes and audio presets to input changes and shade control, SAVI Glass’s dynamic widgets, with real-time status feedback, allow integrators to adjust widget size for optimal information visibility, accessibility, and precise placement.
  • Macro Toggles: Simplifying complex command sequences, macro toggles combine two separate macros within a single widget and automatically update the end user’s view upon execution.
  • Preview Mode: Instantly visualize the end user interface as you build it directly in Creator; deploy it when you are ready.
  • SAVI 3 Features: Game View, Now Playing, Previewer, two-way feedback, source metadata, and more come standard with SAVI Glass.
  • Native Rockbot Integration: Display album art, playlists, upcoming tracks, and more, all in one convenient, natively integrated Rockbot widget.

UI: Where Beauty Meets Function

  • Modern User Experience: Maintaining SAVI’s design principles that prioritize ease of use and elegance, SAVI Glass’s grid system affords endless customization capabilities while automatically creating an intuitive and visually stunning user interface.
  • New Branding Capabilities: Create a personalized look for your UI touting any brand or aesthetic with preloaded graphics or custom uploads. Whether it’s the idle screen, welcome screen, icons, or backgrounds, users can choose stylish pre-designed elements or upload their own images for a truly branded experience.
  • Effortless Organization: SAVI Glass simplifies the organization of complex controls through widget folders and multipage accessibility, enabling easy navigation across multiple pages and ensuring a clean interface even as functionalities expand.
  • Control Everything: With audio, video, content, lighting, shades, HVAC, macros, and more, SAVI Glass allows integrators to create tailored control environments for every commercial space without technical constraints.

Perfect for bars and restaurants, suites, event spaces, and conference rooms, SAVI’s TOUCHPAD.One gives end users a whole new way to take command of audio zones, displays, lighting presets and more.  Key features include:

  • Full-HD Capacitive Touchscreen: TOUCHPAD.One is engineered for sleek responsiveness, featuring a 5.5 high-definition capacitive touch screen and Corning Gorilla Glass, delivering a high-quality, crystal-clear display built to last.
  • Native SAVI 3 Integration: TOUCHPAD.One is powered by SAVI 3 and includes native programming features like auto-configured location-based device control.
  • Power Over Ethernet: Powered and controlled via a single network cable, TOUCHPAD.One streamlines installation by eliminating the need for secondary wiring.
  • Proximity Sensing: TOUCHPAD.One employs proximity sensing, entering sleep mode after five minutes of inactivity and reactivating when a user approaches.
  • Auto-Lock, Idle Screen, and Access Control: Enhance security and device management with auto-lock timers, idle screen settings, and passcode protection.
  • Flexible Mounting: Compatible with both standard Decora-style and SAVI back boxes, TOUCHPAD.One fits any installation and mounting requirements.

Key Specs:

  • 5.5 HD capacitive touch screen made with Corning Gorilla Glass
  • Flexible mounting using either a standard decora-style back box or a SAVI back box
  • PoE for streamlined installation
  • SAVI 3 Integration, plus added features including proximity sensing, access control, auto-lock, screen timer, and more
  • Optional accessories include a locking trim mount and a SAVI back box.

Pricing and Availability

SAVI Glass and TOUCHPAD.One will be on display in the SAVI booth #W2625 at Infocomm, along with SAVI’s audio, video, and lighting solutions. The TOUCHPAD.One will be available to order later this summer and is priced at $499 MSRP.  Dealers will be able to leverage SAVI Glass in the same timeframe.