LG CreateBoards Improve Meeting Productivity and Customer Demonstrations at SAVI Control’s Texas Systems Testing Lab

Multiple LG CreateBoards Enhance and Simplify Activities in Huddle Rooms, Training Rooms, Offices and Boardroom Through Simple Screen Sharing, Annotation and File Exporting

SAVI Controls, a leading designer and manufacturer of commercial AV control, automation and management solutions, has outfitted its new 80,000-square-foot distribution center and systems testing laboratory near Dallas with nearly two dozen of LG’s powerful CreateBoard digital whiteboards to upgrade and simplify meeting and presentation experiences. According to SAVI CEO John Dorsey, the LG CreateBoards’ intuitive controls, wireless capabilities, live annotations and instant file exports improve the flow and productivity of meetings while demonstrating to clients that SAVI practices what they preach.

“Our new distribution center and systems testing laboratory reflect our commitment to dealers and users to continue innovating, providing greater support and product assurance, and meeting increased demand,” he said. “One critical part of that is having an experiential space where our partners can gain first-hand understanding of the value and attributes of the technologies we recommend.”

Dorsey continued: “The LG CreateBoard has streamlined our meeting experiences with such consistent performance and intuitive functions that hosts can easily screenshare a slide or file to the display with no setup or pre-planning required. Using them every day helps us see the real world benefits they can provide for our dealers and their clients, and it is especially impactful when they visit us in person and experience it for themselves.”

Prior to installing more than 20 LG CreateBoards at the new building, most of the company’s meeting spaces relied on LG webOS™ displays and standard white boards, which couldn’t deliver some of the more advanced benefits they now enjoy. In addition to offering a full line of sizes to accommodate a variety of spaces and needs, the CreateBoard greatly simplifies meeting follow-up by enabling automatic export of whiteboard annotations through a simple QR code link that can be downloaded on any mobile device.

LG and SAVI Controls in Atomic Golf Las Vegas

“We regularly use the CreateBoards to share our screens from individual laptops, to diagram and annotate when discussing complex ideas, and even to enable dueling side-by-side presentations to compare designs,” said SAVI CTO Derek Wilson. “Before, we used to draft notes and doodles on traditional whiteboards, and we’d have to take photos of it to document and share. Now we can simply scan the on screen QR code with our phones and instantly export a PDF to be shared quickly and easily.”

SAVI has installed multiple 98-, 86- and 75-inch LG CreateBoards to enhance training rooms, executive offices, huddle spaces, meeting rooms and combined bullpens. The boardroom houses a 65-inch model, enabling all employees and visitors to enjoy consistently excellent meeting experiences no matter who the host is or which room they meet in.

Best of all, SAVI’s employees say, is that LG CreateBoards don’t require a lot of training to become fluent for standard use.

SAVI Controls and LG in Atomic Golf Las Vegas

“With just a little hands-on experimentation, many of our staff have learned to leverage all the core functions of the LG CreateBoard from connecting external devices to launching video presentations to knowing which buttons perform which tasks,” Wilson said.

As schools, businesses and municipal organizations increasingly invest in digital technologies, the LG CreateBoard’s tools offering internet access, video presentations, interactivity, wireless connections and even digital signage capabilities will enable them to conduct more efficient and productive sessions regardless of technical expertise. The CreateBoard can be used as a digital signage display through connections with third-party systems, including emergency alert solutions common in today’s high-traffic environments.

outside Atomic Golf Las Vegas

These wide-ranging functions help dealers maximize opportunities and enable integration with existing digital signage networks to expand reach and simplify content delivery. When visiting the new distribution center and systems testing laboratory, it’s easy to recognize SAVI’s trust in LG since they selected LG digital displays and signage as their standard solution throughout the entire company.

“All our internal digital displays are sourced from LG, making the new center an excellent case study to show our clients how today’s most advanced display products can be integrated throughout their projects, with SAVI software of course, to deliver optimized performance and maximum value,” Dorsey concluded.

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