Hello Friends,

Over the last few months, we’ve been aggressively beating the marketing drum, promoting our soon-to-be-launched SAVI 3 Commercial AV automation system. Next week, at SAVI.Connect, we will release what our development team has spent years building – a radically simplified approach to the way integrators can design, program, and deploy complex commercial AV systems.  

We couldn’t be more excited to show you all the bells and whistles that make up SAVI 3. But before we get caught up in the fervor of our product launch, I’m reaching out today to share our company story – because in these challenging economic times, it’s especially important to me that our dealers know who we are and what motivates us as a company. 

SAVI is not another tech start-up chasing the commercial market, leveraging the dealer channel to drive our success. Rather, we founded this company because as commercial integrators ourselves (with some heavy IT and development chops), we were frustrated that our options to deliver incredible AV experiences were hampered by inferior, wildly complicated, and expensive technology. 

Our vision is to distill all that complex hardware and software programming into a modern, simplified approach that strips away the time-consuming, mundane tasks, making the process shockingly simple. The way I see it is — expensive commercial AV control systems have dominated the product landscape far too long. Why must we endure end-to-end customization and configuration that drives project time for integrators and their customers? We intend to change all that.  

Over the last nine years, our AV dealership, Diem Digital, has leveraged SAVI technology to deliver cost-effective, powerful, and fast to deploy and support commercial AV automation systems and by doing so, we’ve been fortunate enough to enjoy growth and business success. We have expanded our customer base across the globe and doubled revenues consistently year over year. With SAVI, we recognized we were on to something revolutionary and as dyed in the wool integrators to our core, we believe that our industry truly needs this new approach. Especially, today.   

Our Diem Digital commercial customers are just now beginning to rebound from the COVID pandemic, demonstrating inspiring creativity as they reimagine their businesses for the future. As you partner with your clients, regardless of how loyal they are to you, you’re going to need to be nimble and price competitive to win projects in the post-COVID world. I believe SAVI 3 is the toolset that will help drive your dealership’s success as you reset your approach with customers and prospects. I want you to know that our team stands at the ready, motivated to ensure you’ve got all you need to make it so! 

I hope you’ll join us next week to learn about SAVI 3. If you can’t make our digital launch event, please drop me a line so we can begin the dialogue on how our company can help build business momentum for your dealership in 2021 and beyond: john@savicontrols.com.  

We look forward to working with you,    

John Dorsey


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