Latest software release is packed with new dealer and customer features to dramatically simplify programming and end-user management of commercial AV systems. 

Dallas, TX – February 22, 2023 –SAVI Controls, designer and manufacturer of commercial AV control, automation, and management solutions, today releases the latest advancement to the SAVI 3 platform – SAVI 3.3. Providing increased value to both integrators and end users, SAVI 3.3 allows dealers to win more bids with built-in, zero-programming tools that deliver unprecedented simplicity and control of content distribution – for their customers. SAVI 3.3 features save business owners time and money with visual system control, dynamic sports programming views, and intuitive and customizable content distribution – all without the added cost and complexity of cumbersome digital signage platforms.

SAVI has become the AV platform of choice for family entertainment centers, bars, and restaurants, including Taco Mac, Chicken N Pickle, Dave & Buster’s, Topgolf, and WinStar World Casino. These flagship customers were the inspiration behind three, star features of SAVI 3.3:

Map View is a turnkey, no-code feature delivering a holistic and bird’s eye view of an entire AV system. Perfect for a neighborhood sports bar or a professional sports stadium with thousands of endpoints, integrators can generate venue maps in seconds by simply uploading a floor plan and dropping in the project with SAVI Creator and provide business owners with a cost-effective, visually intuitive tool for controlling, managing, and automating their AV.

SAVI Show is a media database that puts content creation, distribution, and management into the hands of everyday users. Simplified at every step, from basic signage to custom layouts, businesses can deliver personalized and customized content across all displays in seconds without incurring the expense of an additional digital signage platform.

Game View is accessible from a phone, tablet, or computer, aggregating current and future sporting event data into a simple, intuitive, and elegant view. Game View’s visually informative schedule, complete with team logos, colors, and program data, makes it easy and fun to fulfill any fan’s fantasy, any time.

SAVI Map View on laptop
SAVI Map View on laptop
SAVI Map View on laptop

“SAVI is always evolving to support the needs of our customers, but our mission – to radically simplify commercial AV for dealers and business owners – will never change,” said SAVI CEO John Dorsey. “Historically, tools like Map View, Game View, and SAVI Show were a costly, bespoke, and time-intensive endeavor for both the dealer and end user. Now, integrators can offer innovative and critical features in ground-breaking time while empowering businesses with unparalleled control and custom content capabilities without the added expense of complex signage solutions.”

Pre-release customer feedback reinforces SAVI 3.3’s value proposition for the end user. For businesses, now it is easier than ever to:

  • Upload content from your phone, tablet, or computer and distribute the imagery to any display in seconds
  • Create slideshows with settings for transitions, sort order, and intervals directly in SAVI show
  • Create personalized experiences for guests; take a customer’s photos and deploy them to any display for events like engagements, birthdays, and more
  • Get more out of your displays than just TV — showcase a sports game, a happy hour special, and even sell ad space on a single display
  • Quickly fulfill a customer programming request by selecting endpoints based on a physical location rather than memorizing device names
  • Eliminate remotes and searching through programming lineups; Filter to see new or replayed games by sport or search in Game View for a specific team
  • Prepare for your daily rush or the Final Four by scheduling games in advance

Ryan Sowa, president and co-founder of commercial AV company, Just Press Play, calls the selling power of SAVI truly remarkable. “With SAVI’s array of out-of-the-box, no-code features like Map View, Game View, and SAVI Show, clients have been able to drastically streamline their AV solutions for a fraction of the typical cost. Our customers not only realized significant savings but discovered their potential to draw profit from their AV system. In fact, following an incredibly successful first deployment of SAVI 3.3, we ‘re rolling out 19 more SAVI projects with the same investment group.”

SAVI 3 is a thoughtfully designed, full-scale AV control, management, and automation solution that streamlines installation, simplifies programming, and reduces expense across commercial projects of any size. With robust hardware that can support thousands of endpoints and simplified programming software that takes hours, not days, SAVI 3 requires virtually end-user training and delivers world-class experiences in a fraction of the time and cost. To get SAVI for your business or to become a Certified SAVI 3 Dealer, please visit

SAVI 3.3 Feature Overviews