Become a SAVI Dealer

Revolutionize the commercial AV industry.

Hello Simplicity.

If you’re an AV integrator in the commercial or resimercial space, become a SAVI Dealer and see why leading brands like Topgolf, Dave & Buster’s, and Buffalo Wild Wings chose SAVI. 


Why become a SAVI Dealer?

It’s important to us that our Dealers know who we are and what drives us as a company. 

As former commercial integrators, we founded SAVI because we were frustrated that our only options to deliver incredible AV experiences were tied to inferior, wildly complicated, expensive technology. Those heavy-handed business practices of some not-to-be named manufacturers also frustrated us. But what choice did we have? 

At SAVI, we intend to be and do more for our Dealers.

SAVI Controls People

At SAVI we are driven to simplify 

  • Simplify the tools you use,
  • Simplify the programming and installation process,
  • Simplify dealer onboarding,
  • Simplify tech training – our training and certification takes only 2 days!
  • Simplify the way you work and interact with us.   

As you partner with your clients, you’re going to need to be nimble and price-competitive to win projects, especially in the post-COVID world. Our team stands at the ready, motivated to have your back through all phases, from bid to install. We’re driven to help propel your dealership’s success.  Reduce time and expense and become a SAVI Dealer!

Check out the video overview of our SAVI 3 Tech Training!