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SAVI Tech Training & SAVI 3 Testimonials

My favorite part was the hands on feel, and being given access to play around and try different things!

Dylan C, Arizona

“This class was amazing! I loved learning the implemention of the drivers to connect all controls to one another. Cheers!”

Ceaser C, New Jersey

“Class was great! The best part was the details that were given for each item we were using. “

Gilbert Jr. L, Texas

SAVI’s line of hardware and additional driver compatibility will greatly improve functionality and dependability.”

Matthew B, Georgia

“Keep it up! I’m impressed. I loved being able to interact with a many outputs as possible.”

David H, Iowa

“Geat class! I enjoyed learning about SAVI. The practical application was good. And the snack box was awesome!”

Hal H, South Carolina

“Man, I can’t speak highly enough on this training. It was super cool, very informative, and made me feel awesome. My favorite part was feeling like a master programmer.

Paul S, Virginia

This was a great class! My favorite part was learning how easy it can be to set up a large scale system.

Brandon W, Virginia

“The best part was obviously the survival care package. It was a great training! There’s not too much or too little information – I think spread out over two days is just the right amount of time. “

James K, Missouri 

“I really enjoyed this class! My favorite part was the pure hands on learning. Seeing what I was doing live was the biggest help.

Kasey C, Texas

Everything was very in depth with great instructors and overseeers. My favorite parts were the hands on projects.

Eric R, Kansas

“This is a good introductory class. I can’t wait to dive in and do more!”

Dale C, Texas

“My favorite part was programming the projects. I think this class was paced appropriately and had all the knowledge we could currently need.

Christopher Y, Texas

The hands on experience was my favorite part of training. Keep killing it!

Tyler M, Virginia

“I was given plenty of time to complete tasks and had help whenever it was needed. Thanks guys!”

Nicholas L, Georgia

“My favorite part of training was watching layouts light up live in Canvas. Can’t wait to do business with you guys!

Mike B, California

I don’t know how this training could be done better. Great job!

John S, Tennessee

“Overall, it’s a great product. I think everything was well informed and helpful for a deployment.”

Justin D, Idaho

“Everything seemed pretty well planned. Keep up the good work! Training was fun and I enjoyed the in-depth learning of the SAVI system.

Alvaro A, Texas

I’m very excited about working with SAVI in future projects and looking forward to see what more innovations come in the near future!

Daniel T, New Jersey 

“Love the product. For me, it’s very easy to understand and use.”

John W, Tennessee

“SAVI 3 is way ahead of the competition. Excited to see the newest version and extremely motivated to find our first client with your system!

John W, California 

“Keep up the great work, I love the products!”

Ian A, Arizona

“Amazing training. Best I’ve ever taken. You guys rock!”

Thomas J, Ohio

“The best part was learning remotely but having our hands in a live server environment.

Tim G, Georgia 

“My favorite part was the ease of putting a large system together so quick.”

Jeff H, Michigan

“I thought the training was excellent and the team was very helpful!”

Purnell A, Georgia

“I love the system and hope the company I work for uses it more often. It is simple and it is easy to learn.”

Patrick G, South Carolina 

“I like the interface and operation of the software and feel this is a solid product.”

Kevin C, Texas

“Interactive hands on stuff was my favorite by far. Cool class with good instructors!”

Tony G, Washington

“Everything worked smoothly for me! Having ACTUAL equipment we can log into and checkout! That was very neat! The training room is super dope, I really appreciate all the work that went into that.”

Kevin H, Louisiana

“This class is great! My favorite part was the hands-on training and getting to see the results of my work. By the end, I felt very comfortable with jumping into SAVI.” 

Aaron K, Texas

I think the instructors/Teaching assistants were the best. It wasn’t a dead presentation, they involved everyone and joked around, which made it fun.”

John P, Michigan

“This was the best product training I have ever done, hands down. During COVID, I took over 110 manufacturers trainings for all types of AV products. This left them all in the dust. I can honestly say, I’d buy this product, not just because it’s powerful and well designed, but because I know I can use it.”

Anthony N, New Jersey

“Creator is awesome. This is THE best SAVI product!”

Dan M, New Jersey

“My favorite part was getting the hands on training and having access to see my work on the monitor. Keep up the good work!”

Hans F, Louisiana 

“My favorite part of training was being introduced to such an incredible product.”

Dan N, New Jersey

“I loved the true, interactive nature of the SAVI system and the ability to see it work. Training was truly awesome. Great job!”

Andrew T, Maryland

This has been the best training class I have taken online. I appreciate the amount of material covered in two days and access to real gear. It really made the information sink in being able to run so many drills with the equipment. Also one of the best trainers I have had in any certification/dealer training.”

Sam W, Oklahoma

“I think this class was fantastic! Very informative, easy to understand and apply, and perfectly paced. I love the SAVI interface and simplicity for everything else. I think it has a strong possibility to replace other systems. SAVI creator has been the easiest piece of AV gear I have worked with thus far in my career.”

Nathan J, Oklahoma

“This was one of the best AV trainings I’ve had and easiest to follow!”

Matthew L, Hawaii

“SAVI 3 is an amazing product. Will recommend it.”

Thomas S, Canada

“Honestly, the intuitive design of Creator was surprisingly easy to learn.”

Barry S, Hawaii

“Great interaction and very easy to understand. Looking forward to our first project!.”

Fred M, Colorado

“Great class, A lot better than many others I have been in. And certainly better than a CBT.”

Mike D, Texas

“Very intuitive – definitely one of the easier systems I’ve learned.”

Ossama A, Germany

“The training was perfectly put together and executed!”

Wesley W, Utah 

“Quick, intuitive and smooth. Great job!”

Ted N, Georgia

“Really enjoyed the training and I’m excited to start using the system!”

Callum G, Texas

“My favorite part was learning about this awesome system!”

Mike S, California

“The webcam feature was really cool. Especially when we learned how to change the color of the lights. Great instant feedback.”

Matthias K, Dubai

“Very pleased with SAVI overall! Peter did well to cover all content in a relatively short amount of time.”

Blayne H, New Mexico

“The remote lab setup worked great!”

Tom C, New Hampshire

“Can’t wait to install / program in the field!”

Francis S, Connecticut

“The trainers were THE BEST!”

John D, Kansas

“Training was so simple & Creator was so easy!”

Jack L, Missouri

“You wouldn’t think you could learn a new automation system in 2 days of tech training, but with SAVI 3 and Creator you can!”

Ray E, Texas

“Seriously, this stuff is so cool. Good job, SAVI!”

Charlie W, Michigan

It’s a lot of fun to set up and seems really simple. Wish I knew about it last year for my local arena!”

Stephen D, Canada

I was really impressed with Facility View. I thought this was great training and having a webcam at the station really helps improve the remote experience. Great job guys, hope I get the chance to deploy one of these systems soon!”

Adam C, Ohio

“You will sneak attack and dominate the control system market. Good job, SAVI!”

Kalonji N, Georgia 

“My favorite part was just getting to program SAVI! 10/10!

Daniel B, Missouri

“I enjoyed learning Creator. I’m excited to use it in the future!”

Jack R, Colorado

“Creator is a great tool, and I can’t wait to see where you guys take it from here.

Blake T, Arkansas

“The virtual format was actually pretty awesome. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but it worked out really well!

Jose L, Delaware

“Creator is easy to program and understand. I’ve already recommended it to other programmers!”

Miguel R, New York 

“My favorite part was the one-on-one with the teaching assistants.”

Matt H, Florida

“Training was awesome and very cool. I can’t wait to see it evolve.”

Chris C, Texas 

“My favorite part was being able to program the monitors because I had no experience in this sector. Very easy to learn.”

Andrea G, Mexico


“The setup is great! You guys did a great job with the virtual class and having the support staff to make sure that it ran smoothly. Bravo!!”

Erik T, Minnesota

“Remote learning is usually painful for me, but I found it useful to have hands-on time with the software & hardware, and the backroom staff was super.”

Barry N, Illinois

“My favorite parts were the hands-on projects and the SAVI Survival Kit!”

Jody T, Texas

“I really liked being able to control devices in real-time.”

Preston S, Georgia

I enjoyed trying different devices. It’s very satisfying to see that the equipment behaves as configured!”

Santiago G, Argentina

“My favorite part was seeing the changes made in Creator and watching them on the monitor! Great product and easy to configure.”

Sebastian P, Florida

“The team was great at addressing any questions that popped up during the training. SAVI seems a very powerful tool!”

John C, Kansas

“It’s a really cool and fast system. Congrats!”

Angel C, Panama

“My favorite part was getting to talk with the dev team and giving my input!”

Matt C, New Jersey

“My favorite part was the hands-on remote application!”

Bruce S, California

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