Video distribution – simplified.


With SAVI Canvas, one network cable enables content delivery, display management, and system control. Now it’s remarkably simple and cost-effective to deliver high-impact visual experiences for projects of any size.  


Eliminate unnecessary equipment, dramatically reduce points of failure, and distribute video to thousands of displays using a single cable per display: no box behind the display, HDMI, or IR required.

The Display is your Canvas

SAVI Layouts divide your display into regions and show multiple content sources on a single display. Sources can include web pages, iFrames, MPEG streams, virtual desktops, live TV, videos, menus, specials, announcements, custom graphics, and more – all without the expense of complicated digital signage solutions.  

iFrame (Web URL)

Use an iFrame to display images and other content displayed on a website or digital signage platform. Great for food menus, drink specials, welcome banners, and more.

MPEG Stream (IP Distributed Video)

Send a video stream through the network to be decoded by the display directly. IP video distribution at a fraction of the cost of other solutions and with less complication.

VDI (Virtual Desktop Interface)

View the screen of a remote Windows/Mac or Linux system using the VNC protocol.

HDMI Input

Don’t forget about the display’s local HDMI input. With Canvas you gain the ability to display local sources right alongside the other region types – iFrames and MPEG Streams!

The display is your Canvas
Canvas Dashboard remote monitoring

SAVI Canvas Dashboard

Canvas Dashboard provides an at-a-glance status of all displays for easy support and troubleshooting, including:

  • Status
  • Warranty info
  • Temperature
  • Date added
  • Most recent update
Canvas Dashboard remote monitoring

Custom Canvas layouts

Combined with LG webOS displays, SAVI 3 delivers the ability to feature content from multiple sources on a single display in both portrait and landscape formats. Various custom layouts are available to deliver content that best suits your environment and viewers.

    Custom Canvas Layouts

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    SAVI simplifies the entire AV process from design, programming, and installation to training and the end-user experience. Learn why 1000s of businesses have already switched to SAVI 3!