SAVI Controls I Our Story

Our story is one of transformation – not just of spaces but of experiences. 

As former commercial AV integrators, we spent years in the industry frustrated by overly complicated and ridiculously expensive solutions. We weren’t alone—integrators and business owners alike were growing tired of the traditional AV experience: the time-consuming programming and installs, endless points of failure, complex interfaces, and premium prices for systems that were just too complicated to use. That changed in 2010. 

With the conviction that all commercial environments deserve the extraordinary, we started SAVI. Our customer-focused company is on a mission to shatter the traditional barriers of entry and transform every commercial space into a testament of innovation and simplicity, where our technology enhances every interaction and every experience.   

From system architecture and hardware design to programming and end-user training, we believe there’s an elegance to simplicity. So, we spent the next decade listening, engineering, and testing our platform, never settling for ‘the way it’s always been done,’ to develop a solution that’s as easy to use as it is powerful. 

In 2020, we launched SAVI 3, the only all-in-one commercial AV control, automation, and management solution that’s simple enough to program in hours, intuitive enough to learn in seconds, and powerful enough to turn every experience within your space into an extraordinary one.  

With SAVI 3, we’ve revolutionized commercial AV. And we’re just getting started. 


SAVI isn’t just another option on the market; we’re a customer-focused company on a mission to redefine commercial AV experiences. We understand the unique needs and challenges of integrators, businesses, and employees and our approach is built on core pillars deeply etched in our ethos, emphasizing the extraordinary potential of AV to elevate commercial environments.

Commercial environments deserve the extraordinary: Technology should dramatically elevate a space to impress clientele, make a statement, entertain, differentiate, and drive efficiency. Otherwise, why bother?  

There’s an elegance to simplicity: We champion simplicity in every way: in system architecture, hardware design, user interaction, training, integration, and installation. 

Less is more: We scrutinize every aspect of an AV project to eliminate complexity, never settling for ‘the way it’s always been done.’ Our focus is on less gear, less expense, and less time to program, train, build, and manage. 

It takes an ecosystem: Recognizing that businesses invest in a diverse range of technology and those systems need to work together, we put as much emphasis on seamless partner product integration as we do on our own development efforts.   

We strive to wow:  Our goal is to wow through our technology in every interaction, across our solutions, in training, support, and our business policies. We’ll always surprise you with our passion and commitment to deliver.

We’re investing big to demonstrate how SAVI’s technology can transform spaces, igniting the imaginations of business owners about what’s possible for their environments and equipping dealers with the tools necessary to win their business.  The centerpiece of this investment, the country’s first Commercial AV Experience Center, stands as a testament to our dedication, offering a space to demonstrate SAVI’s sophisticated lighting, brilliant AV solutions, and integrated ecosystem partner products firsthand. The initiative underscores our commitment to helping dealers, businesses, and employees succeed by showcasing the transformative potential of our solutions.  We’re not just talking the talk; we’re walking you through the “wow.”