SAVI Controls I Our Story


Today more than ever, businesses depend on reliable, high-performance audio/video experiences to sell, market, entertain, train, and support customers and their people.  AV plays a pivotal role in how companies can differentiate their businesses. For too long our industry has been shackled to outdated technology that ignores the end-user experience. Traditional commercial AV control systems are highly complex, costly, and take weeks, sometimes months, to program and set up. SAVI Controls is here to change that. 

We used to be commercial integrators ourselves and were frustrated by how ridiculously complicated and expensive automation solutions were. So, we decided to change all that. Our mission is to radically improve the AV experience for customers and integrators by offering a new AV control system that takes hours, not weeks to program, and is so easy to use, virtually no end-user training is required.

SAVI Controls has a vision for the way control systems should be done — to make design, installation, and control as simple as possible for commercial dealers and their customers. We aim to dramatically improve the AV install and control experience with a highly reliable, full-scale AV control and automation solution that is engineered to support projects of any size or scope, but is so user-friendly every customer can intuitively use and manage it.

We openly admit it; we aim to disrupt the status quo in the Commercial AV market. Eliminating complexity from everything we build is really, really hard, but the end-result delivers a mind-blowing differentiation for us and our dealers. By embracing simplicity, SAVI brings the fun back into AV – for integrators, techs and customers — and the consumers they serve. When you’re interacting with SAVI, we guarantee that at some point in the process, you’re going to smile.


Welcome to SAVI Controls. Hello Simplicity.