SAVI Hardware

Steadfast reliability and seamless integration without unnecessary cost or complexity

Engineered to be highly reliable and robust enough to support 1000s of displays and sources, the SAVI Hardware line was designed to work together to streamline installation and eliminate failure points, drastically reducing the number of cables and devices required per job.

SAVI Server Pro

SAVI Server Pro

The heart of every SAVI 3 automation system with proven rock-solid performance capable of controlling any project with power to spare. Designed for efficiency, reliability, and speed, SAVI Server Pro controls thousands of devices simultaneously, including lighting, displays, audio zones, and more. Features the built-in SAVI 3 control and automation system, including Creator, Canvas, and the award-winning SAVI UI, the Server Pro offers a sleek industrial design fitting into a single slot of our 3-slot 1RU chassis.

Hardware Details

Key Benefits

  • Built-in SAVI 3 Controls and automation system, including Creator. No software downloads
  • Download future SAVI software updates and update LG webOS display firmware directly in Creator.
  • Dealers can inspect system logs for all events for improved troubleshooting and support.
  • Modular chassis with space for 2 additional processors, e.g., backup server, music services, or lighting control
  • 1U design and captive thumbscrews for easy installation
  • Dedicated space for SAVI Show images and slideshows
  • Power and ethernet are all that are required
  • Seamless SAVI ecosystem interoperability and API integration for 3rd party products
  • Front panel power reset button access
  • Includes first year of Annual Support and Maintenance
  • Proudly assembled in the USA



The SAVI DSP.One is the Digital Signal Processor the industry has been waiting for making system expansion simple with no licensing or additional software required. Feature rich with a reimagined configuration UI, SAVI Link, matrix mixer, and physical 16 x16 I/O, enabling integrators of all skill levels to design, program, and complex audio experiences at a fraction of the time and cost.   It’s so easy to use, your time is spent configuring and tweaking settings, not learning where things are.

Features SAVI Link, a standards-based audio over IP system designed to eliminate license management software, simplify installation and control of AV systems for commercial venues. Now you can combine all sources over the network and leave your interconnects in the truck.

Hardware Details
  • No Mixer or Additional Hardware Required: Supports up to 16 mixes with any combination of sources, including SAVI Link, inputs, and mics.
  • Avoid Extra Licensing Fees / Unlimited Virtual Inputs: Connect multiple DSPs and add unlimited virtual inputs while avoiding additional commercial licensing fees.
  • SAVI Link: Standards-based audio over IP system that combines all sources over the network, simplifying installation and eliminating license management.
  • A Tuned-in Configuration Experience: Features a clean, intuitive, modern UI that works on any web-enabled device without downloading software.
  • Harmonious Integration: Simplified over-the-network Integration to work harmoniously with the SAVI STREAM.One.
  • 16 inputs and outputs
  • Eight configurable mics
  • 3-pos Phoenix terminal block
  • 10 Band Parametric EQ
  • SAVI Link channels AES67, SDP, RTP, UDP, or RTSP
AMP One Right


With unmatched power in a minimalist design, the SAVI AMP.One offers 2400 watts of ICEpower®®, delivering rich audio and flexible global input in a sleek 1U chassis. This smart amp is multi-functional with over-the-network volume control, health monitoring, and the versatility to manage a variety of use cases, including 8 ohm, 4 ohm , 70 volt, 100 volt, and LPF.

Hardware Details
  • ICEpower Modules®: Eight zones of flexible amplification ICEpower® modules provide a solution entirely unique for 70V audio amps.
    Time-Efficient Installation: Designed to eliminate unnecessary devices and wires in a project, reducing installation time and inventory challenges.
    8Ω, 4Ω, 70V, 100V, and LFP: Engineered to manage a variety of use cases for multi-functional versatility, it’s the only amp you’ll ever need.
    Flexible Power Provisioning: 2400 configurable watts in a convenient 1U design.
    Any Speaker, Any Time: Selectable stereo or mono output per zone, ensures the AMP.One works with virtually any speaker.
    Remote, Smart Control: Over-the-network volume control and health status monitoring for convenient device management.
  • 150 watt x 8ch @ 8ohm
  • 300 watt x 8ch @ 4ohm
  • 600 watt x 4ch @ 8 ohm (bridged)
  • 600 watt x 4ch @ 70/100 volt (bridged only)
  • Height: 1.75″
  • Depth: 15.50″
  • Width: 19″

SAVI Kona Fan


The SAVI STREAM.One 4K delivers next-generation video distribution providing H.265 encoding at up to 4K30 – all over a single network cable to each display. Combining Canvas Video Wall with Canvas Sync, the STREAM.One 4K synchronizes a source over multiple displays creating a unified viewing experience while eliminating the cost and complexity of video wall design and installation.

Hardware Details
  • Featuring a web-based, user-friendly interface, configuration is quick and intuitive with SAVI Creator
  • Automatic Device Discovery streamlines system integration.
  • HDMI pass-through eliminates the need for an external splitter and multiple HDMI connections.
  • Delivers a 4K stream and a parallel secondary stream up to 1080p.
  • HDMI input encodes audio and video signals into separate H.265 and H.264 streams as well as PCM audio.
  • Phoenix terminal block provides de-embedded unbalanced audio.
  • Motion JPEG enables a live preview of active sources directly in Creator and in Facility View.
  • PoE for clean wiring in every rack and remote power cycle
  • Front screen and status LEDs provide at-a-glance information, troubleshooting, and quick configuration.
  • Custom splash screen image auto displays should the video signal drop, eliminating the “no signal” message.



The STREAM.One video encoder is engineered to deliver a new level of innovation to a project staple; dramatically streamline system design, cabling, and installation by providing advanced audio-video distribution to individual displays or complex video walls, all with just one cable. Featuring SAVI Canvas, the STREAM.One provides seamless over the network content distribution and makes any video source available, greatly simplifying system expansion. STREAM.One is the perfect product for content delivery throughout large stadiums, but simple enough to use in any size project. The modular, scalable design means you don’t have to pay for inputs you don’t need. 

Hardware Details
  • HDMI pass-through eliminates the need for an external splitter and multiple HDMI connections
  • HDMI input encodes audio and video signals into individual PCM and H.264 streams
  • Analog audio extract enables pulling audio separately using an integrated audio de-embedder which can be plugged directly into any amp
  • Phoenix terminal block provides de-embedded balanced audio
  • Built-in simultaneous stream enables a live preview of active sources in the UI
  • Automatic Device Discovery saves time in the initial setup of multiple units
  • With built-in UI, it’s easy and intuitive to set up and program any system. No software download is needed
  • PoE for clean wiring in every rack and remote power cycle; AC/DC power supply also included
  • Front screen and status LEDs provide at a glance information, troubleshooting, and quick configuration
  • Custom splash screen image auto displays should the video signal drop, eliminating “no signal” message on displays
  • 1U rack mount kit (included) holds up to 4 STREAM.One encoders fit in a single 1U chassis
  • Easy customization


COMING SOON! The multi-functional SAVI DMA.One (DSP Matrix Amplifier) has all the features and versatility of the DSP.One combined with ICEpower® module amplification and 2400 configurable watts for 4 ohm, 8 ohm, 70 volt, 100 volt installations. In an industry first 1U chassis, the SAVI DSP.One eliminates clutter and the expense of additional audio equipment. The built-in configuration UI is clean, intuitive and enables techs of all levels to program rich audio experiences in a fraction of the time.

Featuring SAVI Link, the DMA.One delivers widespread audio distribution over a single network cable, making configuration simple and quick for a variety of applications from MDF to IDF and campus installations.

Hardware Details

Bring HiFi quality sound to commercial AV

Key Benefits:

  •  All the glory of DSP.One plus ICEpower® module amplification and 2400W of pure POWER
  • Built-in configuration UI: clean, intuitive, and works on any web-enabled device with no software to download
  • Packed with I/O – 8 Line level Analog inputs/outputs, 4 mic pre-amps, 8 amplified output channels
  • SAVI Link seamlessly combines analog and IP sources in a distributed audio system
  •  No external mixer required; 16 mixes included – combine all available sources into a single mix or multiple mixes
  • 8 Zones of flexible amplification using highly efficient ICEpower® modules for 8Ω, 70V and 100V systems
  • Flexible Power Provisioning in a convenient 1U Form Factor
  • Front screen and status LEDs at-a-glance information, troubleshooting, and quick configuration.
  • 150 watt x 8ch @ 8ohm
  • 300 watt x 8ch @ 4ohm
  • 600 watt x 4ch @ 8 ohm (bridged)
  • 600 watt x 4ch @ 70/100 volt (70/100 volt bridged only)
  • Height: 1.75″
  • Depth: 15.50″
  • Width: 19″
SAVI Connect

SAVI Connect I/O

Designed to easily connect a wide range of non-IP-enabled legacy devices to an AV and automation network. SAVI 3 makes it easy to add and control devices including wired (TCP/IP), serial (RS232), infrared (IR) and relay control ports.

Providing uncomplicated, yet powerful connectivity simplifies integration and allows legacy devices to act like network devices, contributing to the overall automation experience.

Hardware Details


  • 19” rack mount chassis
  • Ethernet port
  • 4 x RS-232 modules
  • 3 x IR modules with 3 ports per module for 9 total IR ports
  • 1 x Relay module with 6 independent relays each with a max current of 3 Amps
  • Max voltage: 250Vac/30Vdc, Normally Open (NO) Single pole single throw (SPST) relays
SAVI Kona Fan


The SAVI Kona has been cooling critical gear and AV equipment racks for nearly a decade. Drawing in air from the front and pushing it out the back, the Kona fan creates a stream of airflow over each component, increasing the reliability and longevity of your hardware by maintaining safe operating temperatures. The pre-mounted fan core on vibration isolators delivers the ultimate quiet cooling experience at only 20dB.

Hardware Details
  • 1RU – rack ears included
  • 20 CFM
  • 20 dBA
  • 12V DC, 500mA AC/DC adapter included (100VAC – 240VAC)

SAVI Thermostat

SAVI Thermostat

Quick and reliable HVAC integration for all commercial environments. The SAVI Thermostat makes it easy to integrate HVAC systems with SAVI Controls. This compact WiFi enabled thermostat is a breeze to install and gives you the power to program over the network. Compatible with gas, electric or heat pump systems, the SAVI Thermostat is flexible enough for any commercial job.

Hardware Details
  • Full HVAC control integration with SAVI
  • 2-stage cooling, 2-stage heating for use with gas/electric or heat pump
  • 7-day programmable
  • Smart fan (fan switches to auto mode when unoccupied)
  • Up to 4-hour override
  • Pre-Occupancy Fan Purge
  • Large, easy to read display
  • Nighttime control of display backlight
  • Bi-color LED indicates a heating or cooling demand
  • Dry contact input
  • Compatible with condensate overflow warning systems – lockout compressor with message on the display
  • Fahrenheit or Celsius display
  • Non-volatile memory
  • Keypad lock
  • Title 24 compliant
  • FDD (Equipment Fault Protection) notification

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