Video distribution – simplified.


LG webOS + SAVI Canvas

The LG webOS signage platform, an award-winning operating system embedded across LG’s smart commercial displays, runs SAVI Canvas. SAVI Canvas enables content delivery, display management, and system control – all with only one cable to each display. With webOS and Canvas, now it’s remarkably simple and cost-effective to deliver high-impact visual experiences for projects of any size.


There’s no box behind the LG display, HDMI, or IR required. The integrated network-based solution eliminates the need for unnecessary equipment and dramatically reduces points of failure.

Make Each Display Your Canvas

LG WebOS + SAVI Canvas features built-in video walls, tiling, ad space, marketing messaging, and video distribution. The flexible Canvas layouts divide displays into zones featuring various types of content including live TV, video, menus, specials, announcements, custom graphics, and more without the expense of complicated digital signage solutions.

iFrame (Web URL)

Display food menus, drink specials, welcome banners, and more.

MPEG Stream (IP Distributed Video)

IP video distribution without the expense of other complicated solutions. 

VDI (Virtual Desktop Interface)

Display a remote Windows/Mac or Linux system using the VNC protocol.

HDMI Input

Display local sources right alongside the other region types.

Layouts Using SAVI Canvas and LG webOS

Topgolf’s Digital Display Transformation with LG webOS + SAVI Canvas