SAVI Controls Commercial Audio Visual  Technician Training

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, otherwise known as pre-2020, we offered an in-person Dealer training course here at SAVI HQ. We even featured a field trip to check out all the good stuff we’ve got going with Topgolf! Fast forward to March of this year and life was no longer business-as-usual. We realized rather quickly the days of in-person commercial AV tech training were over. Pivot we must and pivot we did!

Soon, we began developing an alternate solution and again quickly realized that all change isn’t necessarily bad. To get our feet wet, in late August 2020, we hosted a groundbreaking day-long virtual event we branded as SAVI.Connect. There, we launched SAVI 3, featuring Creator, a programming solution so simple it allowed us to shave an entire day off of our tech training program. As former integrators, we longed for simplicity and we recognized the extra cost, unneeded complexity, and downright boredom associated with many training sessions. So, we changed that.

In October, we conducted our first 2-day immersive, virtual tech training class… and it was a massive success! As we rolled out our new schedule with 2 AV tech training classes per month the feedback from our dealers rolled in. Not only did they love SAVI 3, they loved not having to pay for travel and not losing their technicians for a week or more. Of the near 100 dealers that have been trained so far, we continued to hear one sentiment over and over – it was actually fun.

When was the last time anyone said that about tech training? Or better question – did anyone ever say that about tech training?

We’re so proud of our immersive learning environment featuring almost 30 LG webOS displays and a full hardware stack including our flagship SAVI Server Pro,, and Thermostat, for your tinkering pleasures. Graduates exit training with the ability to program a project to the scale of an entire professional sports arena. Again, all this in just 2 days of interactive virtual instruction. Below are a few reviews we’ve received from our SAVI 3 Certified Dealers:

“It’s a lot of fun to set up and seems really simple. Wish I knew about it last year for my local arena!” – Northway Technologies, Canada

“SAVI 3 has a great programmer and end-user interface. It’s super fluent in its workflow. Almost bulletproof design so far. I’m excited to see where the future goes for SAVI Controls.” – Smart Home Technologies, Phoenix AZ

“You wouldn’t think you could learn a new automation system in 2 days of tech training but with SAVI 3 and Creator you can!” – TekMax Technologies Plano, TX

Oh, and did we mention, we send every AV Tech Training registrant our SAVI Survival Kit packed with swag and SNACKS!!

Check out our video overview (you won’t regret it) and register for one of our upcoming sessions today!


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