My Favorite Things Guy is BACK!

This time, he’s coming at you in video form to discuss the SAVI 3 UI. Now, you may be asking yourself, “Didn’t the My Favorite Things Guy already talk about SAVI’s User Interface?” 

To that, we’d say, “Wow, what a great memory you have.”  

But I think we can all agree that our favorite days in school weren’t spent reading from textbooks. Rather, the best days happened when the classroom door swung open, and that magical, albeit giant, box TV rolled in on a rickety metal cart from the AV closet. 

For our younger readers, this was the day your teacher popped in a DVD, pulled up YouTube, or airplayed a video from their phone.

So take a break from reading & enjoy watching the SAVI 3 UI in action! 


And for all overachievers out there, here is your SAVI 3 UI Study Guide. 

The test is on Monday and worth half your grade. wink

SAVI 3 UI Definition: 

SAVI’s sleek, approachable, and ultra-responsive UI enables even novice users to quickly tap, swipe, or click to change and deliver content across 1000s of devices.  

The SAVI 3 User Interface:

  • Is accessible from any web-enabled device 
  • Requires virtually no end-user training 
  • Improves user experience with a fluid design and quick navigation 

SAVI 3 UI Key Features:

  • BYOD: SAVI 3 can be used on any device equipped with a modern web browser, from your cell phone to a laptop. No need for antiquated software downloads or the cost of dedicated touchscreens and keypads.  
  • Room View: Perfect for controlling a small number of displays and audio zones. The end-user can quickly view and control a room as a whole or at the device level within that zone.
  • SAVI Preview: View a live preview to verify channel changes before you make them, even if the display is on the other side of the venue.
  • Now Playing:  Two-way feedback imports metadata from satellite boxes to display the current channel name and number, enabling a global view of all displays.
  • Easy Scheduler:  Schedule your satellite content and displays up to 4 days in advance. Eliminate the need for remotes by utilizing the search function to find the content you or the customers want without interrupting their experience. 
  • Macros: Easy to build. Easy to execute. Open, close, or reset entire venues with a single tap. 
  • User Rights Management: Grant control of specific devices and assign individual user access to particular rooms, displays, and lighting. 
  • SAVI Search: The optimized search feature enables end-users to instantly find devices, even if they don’t know what room they’re in, and immediately take action. 
  • Blazing-fast and super-easy: Move from a view, a device, a display, a guide in a flash. It’s just as easy to control one device as it is to manage everything in the system. 

To learn more about the SAVI 3 UI and SAVI’s entire offering of simplified, streamlined AV control and automation solutions – Register to Become a Dealer or Sign Up for our 2 day, virtual Tech Training!

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