What’s the Best Commercial AV System for YOU?

As end-users and integrators, you’re faced with several commercial av automation options. Different things work for different applications, and what’s important to you may not be as important to someone else. Instead of telling you which manufacturer is best, we can help you identify which AV control system will best fit your needs. Below are a few questions you should ask.

If you’re an AV end-user:

  • Is the control system easy to understand or does it take dedicated training?
  • Is the user interface consistent or will it change case by case or place to place?
  • Can I assign user rights to specific employees?
  • How responsive is my system? Is there latency or video quality issues?
  • What about digital signage? Do I need separate equipment for this?
  • How customizable is it? How quickly can I change things?
  • What’s the failure rate?
  • Can I use any device to control my AV system?
  • Does the manufacturer offer support?
  • And, most importantly, how much time and money will this save me?

If you’re an AV dealer:

  • How long is AV tech training?
  • How long is end-user training?
  • How long does it take to program?
  • Do I need a dedicated programmer?
  • What size venues does this system support?
  • How responsive is the system?
  • Does the hardware integrate with other brands?
  • Do the appropriate drivers exist to support all components of my next install?
  • What about video walls and tiling?
  • What’s the failure rate?
  • Does the manufacturer offer support?
  • And, most importantly, how much time and money will this save me?

Speaking as completely objective third-party observers with absolutely no personal interests in the matter, we’d tell you SAVI 3 is the answer to all of those questions. But don’t just take our word for it – here are some resources below to help you determine if SAVI is the right choice for you!

SAVI Overview

The SAVI User Experience

SAVI 3 Tech Training Video Overview

Topgolf Case Study



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