SAVI Releases SAVI 3.4 Designed to Eliminate Complexity and Expense in High-Voltage Lighting Integration   

SAVI redefines high-voltage lighting control with SAVI 3.4, offering simplified provisioning and integration, advanced functionality, and a superior user experience.

SAVI, designer and manufacturer of commercial AV control, automation, and management solutions, announces the release of SAVI 3.4. The latest software update, featuring QoraLux High-Voltage Control Series integration, marks a significant leap in simplifying the traditionally complex realm of 120V and 277V lighting, delivering unmatched efficiency and ease to integrators and business owners alike.

“With 3.4 and QoraLux, we can officially say goodbye to overly complicated commercial lighting systems featuring expensive components, drivers, and specialized hubs,” said John Dorsey, SAVI CEO. “SAVI 3.4 marks a paradigm shift for our industry – the software does most of the work, dramatically simplifying the integration process while eliminating the need for additional hardware, enabling dealers to design and program sophisticated lighting experiences at a fraction of the time and expense of traditional, old-school options.”

3 QoraLux Devices

SAVI 3.4 with QoraLux High-Voltage integration caters to both new constructions and retrofits. Previewed at InfoComm this past June, SAVI’s new QoraLux High-Voltage Control Series features a suite of decora-style keypads, switches, dimmers, and outlets designed to light up sports bars and restaurants, arenas, casinos, corporate spaces, and more.

Engineered to power the QoraLux High-Voltage Lighting Control Series, SAVI 3.4 delivers:

Simplified Installation and Integration: SAVI 3.4 streamlines the process of integrating high-voltage lighting with AV control solutions, significantly reducing the time and cost associated with traditional systems. Simply swap an existing switch or dimmer with a decora-style QoraLux device to get over-the-network lighting control; no additional cabling or wiring required.

Effortless Provisioning:  Integrators can quickly provision devices, then assign load names and locations using the SAVI Utility App, with devices appearing automatically in SAVI Creator’s Lighting Control Panel.  What was once a time-consuming and complicated process can now be completed in minutes.

Future-Proof Local and Remote Control: No need to purchase additional components or invest in extensive wiring; SAVI 3.4 and the QoraLux High-Voltage Series allow businesses to upgrade, reconfigure, and expand their system at any time utilizing their existing network infrastructure.

Best-in-Class Dimming: Supporting a wide range of fixtures to ensure high-fidelity and flicker-free lighting experiences, SAVI 3.4 delivers best-in-class dimming across various commercial settings.

Enhanced End-User Experience: To be expected from SAVI, SAVI 3.4 has redefined the end-user experience, empowering those with even minimal technical skills to manage sophisticated lighting systems. With intuitive lighting control, device management, and scene creation at their fingertips, businesses and their employees can now streamline daily operations and enhance customer experiences with ease. 

SAVI Ecosystem Icons

In addition to new lighting capabilities, 3.4 also enhances SAVI projects with more new features:

SAVI Show Scheduler: Whether shifting from lunchtime specials to happy hour or seasonal product promotions to weekly events, SAVI Show Scheduler eliminates manual tasks and allows businesses to pre-schedule and automate their custom content distribution.

Layout Creation: Businesses can now create custom Canvas Layouts in seconds without calling their integrator. Choose from 15+ pre-configured templates to showcase SAVI Show content, live TV, iFrames, and more.


SAVI 3.4 and QoraLux High-Voltage Controls Series are available immediately through the SAVI Dealer Store or Certified SAVI 3 Dealers. Businesses looking to upgrade their systems with next-gen control, management, and automation are encouraged to explore the entire SAVI 3 ecosystem. For more information on system upgrades and pricing or to connect with a SAVI Dealer, visit